HAIZUKA A to G ........
by YAMABUKI Yoshihiko 

Alice ADAMS  [ Born in 1930, New York, U.S.A. ]
An artist living in the United States, ADAMS mainly creates public art for outdoor locations and demonstrates artist's relation to public building projects through working with experts in the field.   Among the many proposals she prepared this year, one was to introduce design patterns along the road. (1994 Artist in Workshop)

AOKI Jun  [ Born in 1956, Kanagawa, Japan ]
An architect who has assisted and supported the Project from the very beginning, giving suggestions at Symposiums and other related events.   AOKI received the Award for The Prize of AIJ for Design from the Architectural Institute of Japan in 1999, and is in the process of expanding his activities. (1995 Special Guest)

Azby BROWN  [ Born in 1956, California, U.S.A. ]
An artist who produces sculptures as well as objects that do not look like art or architecture.   The basis of his artistic activities is a "critique on society."   His objects are unique in that they serve no function.   He exhibited a reconstruction of Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical machine during his residency. (1998 Invited Artist)

engawa  [ Established in 1999, Japan ]
A team of staff who aims to create a new production system for art, architecture, furniture, and exhibition.   engawa takes a project from the concept stage, and take it through design, production, and implementation.   They built and opened a Small Stand Museum "MOMA-KUN" in Haizuka in 1999.

Alan FINKEL  [ Born in 1943, New York, U.S.A. ]
An artist who has participated in the project from its conception.   FINKEL has assisted in steering the Project at its initial stage through the process of drafting the Joint Statement for artists participating in public projects.   He works mainly on sculptures to be exhibited outdoors, and created "WIND MIRAGE MANTIS GATES OF SORYO-CHO DAM HOUSE EASTERN GATE - WESTERN GATE" during the Project in 1996.   He has profound knowledge of earthwork and public art, and has given suggestions based on his knowledge of projects in the United States. (1994, 1996 Artist in Workshop)

Nancy FINLEY  [ Born in 1958, California, U.S.A. ]
An architect who produces her works through workshop-type of activities using landscape design.   She selected the site and built a stage with bamboo for a concert she organized for the small creatures that inhibit in the would-be dam area.   With the help of devoted staff and members of the Project, the stage was built during her short stay and the concert succeeded in creating a mystical atmosphere for the evening. (1995 Summer Camp Guest Instructor)

FUJI Hiroshi  [ Born in 1960, Kagoshima, Japan ]
An artist who lives and works in Fukuoka, Kyushu. Other than producing his own works, FUJI has formed a group with other artists to work on various projects that aim to engage art with its social environment.   His ongoing project "1500 Kites fly on the dam lake" is full of fun. (1996 Summer Camp Guest Instructor, Small Stand Museum Artwork: "EAR OF ELEPHANT")

FUKUI Yuji  [ Born in 1967, Miyagi, Japan ]
An architect who has been with the Project since 1996. Since his participation as an assistant/interpreter for the resident artists, FUKUI has cooperated over years in introducing the design for the bridge and has taken on strenuous tasks of formulating ideas, adjusting the framework for the bridge, and drawing up of the final plan.   He is also a frequent visitor as the instructor at the Earthworks School and Summer Camp. (1998 Special Guest)