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The Haizuka dam in O-aza Haizuka (Mirasaka town/Hiroshima) is being constructed for the purpose of flood control, it is to be completed around 2005. (flooding in the Gouno river area can happen every two decades)
Arround the dam site New town: Nozomigaoka
Research on the dam project began in 1965.   The towns of Soryo, Kisa and Mirasaka will be partially underwater.   New towns have been built to house the people who will be effected by this.
The Earthworks Center has been organized to minimize the damage to the environment, by incorporating ideas which involve ecological, biological and human resources.   The members of the center are artists, architects, engineers, natural scientists and social scientists.   The social, economic and cultural casualties can hopefully be mitigated through the cooperation of a collaboration of professionals in the arts, design, sciences and humanities, working with local people and government personnel.
The ministry of construction has been listening to proposals from the three towns, in order to soften the impact of this radical change in their environment.