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Preamble to Art Sphere:
  Every summer since 1994, the Haizuka Earthworks Project has conducted Summer Camps and activities which invite artists and researchers within Japan and from abroad to interpret and incorporate the Haizuka's local culture and nature into art activities.   In 1998, these activities were renamed as "Art Sphere."   Art Sphere consists of three programs which are the advanced forms of previous activities: schooling program which includes Summer Camps and Workshops, Exhibition program, and Artist-in-Residency program.
1999 Summer Camps Program 1999 Artist-in-Residency Program

  "What is the Art Sphere in a Sustainable Environment?"
  The Art Sphere in a sustainable environment is not constructed with independent categories-paintings, sculptures and architecture.   The basic thought here is; to apprise the whole environment including each of them as public treasures.
For example, when we travel to an old town in Italy, we will not be impressed with individual artworks like fresco.   Take a look at a town with artworks, a view of nature in which the town is situated, the air and the flow of water.   Even posters on street walls and actions of street performers, harmonizes with masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, splendidly.   In other words, indecent and gaudy sign boards or mountains covered with concrete would destroy a beautiful environment and artworks which we have cultivated.   When we travel abroad, the richness of the culture we will feel is the sight and atmosphere of the beautiful environment there.
Alan Finkel, Wind Mirage Mantis Gates Carlos Nieto, Untitled
  We should recognize environment as a cultural inheritance as well as artworks which we human beings have created.   Now the thought to keep up the culture and to cultivate it is recognized as a theme by everyone, not only people of the same age but also people of next generation and some visitors who happen to be present.
Culture is the base of environment as well as the air and water.   Not to be the property of restricted people, it should be public property bringing richness to our lives.   In order to keep such culture active as the environment, we need a long-term point of view, without short-term ecological effect or advertising only for specified person.   If we ignore the culture which is the foundation of environment, we would suffer immense damage and disadvantage in the future.   Contrary, if suitable arrangement of culture, correct arrangement of environment and cultivation are practiced, we will receive a tremendous effect and richness.   It is just like the saying "Rome was not built in a day".   We will receive a great treasure which we can not imitate easily nor buy with a enormous sum of money.