HAIZUKA V to Z ........
by YAMABUKI Yoshihiko 

YAMABUKI Yoshihiko  [ Born in 1966, Hiroshima, Japan ]
An administration staff since the beginning of the Project and relocated his residence to Soryo-cho in 1996.   YAMABUKI manages all administrative and operational tasks as a liaison between the Project members and the local government, as well as domestic/foreign artists.   As an artist, he has worked with event-driven projects such as story-telling on the streets and sightseeing tour guide.   The process of networking with different people is considered as artwork, and therefore, the activities at Haizuka are none other than creation of his work.   YAMABUKI is currently based in England, participating in volunteer projects for the physically handicapped and care of the elderly, with the aim to explore artistic possibilities and potentials of these activities as social practices. (1996 Artist in Workshop, text by Kokumin-tohyo)

YAMAGUCHI Masao  [ Born in 1931, Hokkaido, Japan ]
A critic and an anthropologist who has pioneered in the practice of fieldwork investigation.   YAMAGUCHI's story about "the marebito" have been told before, but the Project has refreshed its memory of this subject in the Earthwork Declaration.   He has been supporting the Project from behind-the scene, and has presented a fundamental structure for the Project that contains complex elements based on his knowledge and experiences in his field as well as art. (1994 Workshop Guest Instructor)

YATSUKA Hajime  [ Born in 1948, Yamagata, Japan ]
An architect who is also a prolific writer and critic on this subject.
YATSUKA contributed to the conception of the Project by proposing a development plan for the idle area around the dam into an earthwork. (1995 Summer Camp Special Guest)

YOKOMIZO Shizuka  [ Born in 1966, Tokyo, Japan ]
An artist who has lived in the London for the last ten years, during which the British art scene became lively and interesting.   YOKOMIZO uses photography as a media to express situations that just cannot be communicated through English words. (1999 Artist in Residence)

YOOK Kenbu Byung  [ Born in 1957, Junju, Korea ]
An artist living in Korea who has exceptional drawing abilities which he does not show offhand when creating large three-dimensional works.   The discussion between YOOK and OKAZAKI at this year's Symposium seriously explored the role of artists beyond the field of art.   He is involved in a project similar to this Project in Korea while producing original artworks. (1994 Artist in Workshop)

YOON Young Seok  [ Born in 1958, Daejon, Korea ]
An artist and environmental sculptor who creates objects in strange shapes and cynical works that have no function.   He proposed design plans for an original bridge during the Project.   He also produced drawings inspired by a dream in which he saw himself being attacked by an army of frogs ("darumagaeru," endangered species) during his stay.   The set of these drawings were symbolic to the situation of the local environment and left a strong impression. (1995 Artist in Workshop)

YOSHIMATSU Hideki  [ Born in 1958, Hyogo, Japan ]
An architect that has been participating in the Project from the very outset as its coordinator.   YOSHIMATSU has cooperated enthusiastically in the network building for the Project such as those through the Internet.   His propositions, which incorporate not only the architectural perspectives but urban planning ideas and skills, carry much weight in convincing the town offices and the Ministry of Construction, and are in the process of being implemented as concrete buildings.

Vadim ZAKHAROV  [ Born in 1959, Dyschanbe, UDSSR ]
A Russian artist who creates installations with motifs using fragmented materials based on his original and cynical idea.   ZAKHAROV's work during the Project involved looking for articles which were thought as historical objects left by a group of fictitious academic group named, "Floating Figures on the water -- The school of swimming ideas --" to create a mythological world.   His conceptual exhibition and performance were presented at the Haizuka elementary school which was scheduled to be demolished that year. (1995 Artist in Workshop)